Elizabeth, Colorado

Why Invest in Minis?

  • Ideal for small farm/ranch acreages
  • Very friendly personalities; docile and easy to handle
  • Less stress on facilities, equipment and pasture
  • An economical and efficient alternative to raising quality beef
  • Ideal 4-H projects for younger members or those with limited acreages and facilities
  • Great for kids – teach the responsibility of owning and raising cattle on a smaller, more manageable scale
  • Perfect amount of beef to put in the freezer – requiring about 1/3 the expense of raising a full size beef animal
  • Miniature Herefords are an ideal way to diversify your beef operation to better meet today’s consumer preference for beef
  • In today’s health conscious environment, Miniature Herefords are an answer in the quest to keep BEEF on America’s table. The cuts are premium, well marbled and lean – just in a small size to be satisfying yet practical in our diet
  • Miniature Herefords are registered with the American Hereford Association
  • Maintain agricultural status for tax purposes.
  • More rural acreage is being converted to small hobby farms of 5-60 acres, this size of animal adapts perfectly to this small size operation
  • The breeding stock is quite valuable while the steers provide an opportunity for beef in the freezer
  • Interest in breeding stock of the Miniature Herefords continues to grow at a very steady pace. Sales are conducted privately or at the annual Miniature Hereford Sale held at the National Western Stock Show each year. (Join us at the Miniature Hereford Show in Denver, too!)
  • As demand for the Miniature Hereford Beef Products increases, there is constant need to develop more farms with breeding stock to meet this demand
  • All aspects of potential in the Miniature Hereford breed must begin with the breeding market. This is the most economically rewarding sector.
  • The Miniature Hereford breed produces a lean beef in cuts that are of a very desirable size. Potential markets for the fattened steers include restaurant and retail meat market sales as well as individual freezer beef sales.
  • The nature of the Miniature Hereford makes it an ideal choice of naturally or organically fed beef since hormones and growth promoters are not desired or necessary for optimum finishing of the animal. The smaller cuts are an additional benefit in selling to the organic beef customer.